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  • 個人情報:無断で第三者に関するプライベートな情報それとも個人情報を発行すること
  • 虐待:実在の人物・生き物への虐待の撮影あるいは録音に基づくコンテンツ
  • 扇動:実際の暴力行為の扇動、それとも他の権利侵害の扇動に基づくコンテンツ
  • 悪質なコード:秘匿サービスを訪れるユーザに的を絞るウィルスなど











OnionKet was created in response to online-only doujin events (like AirComiket) which arose due to the effects of COVID19 lockdowns on traditional events. Events like Comiket were created by fans of doujin culture, and made fan-run spaces for independent artists to buy and sell their work freely among themselves.

However AirComiket and other online-only events rely heavily on infrastructure created and maintained by for-profit corporations. Independent artists use social media networks like Twitter to share links to their work, and sell through platforms like DLSite, booth.pm, MelonBooks, and others.

Unfortunately, there is a rising trend of moralistic, ideologically driven censorship on the modern internet. Artists online are increasingly targeted for their content, which result in accounts being shut down, and artwork being removed from corporate-run platforms.

Some of these corporations (like Twitter and Sony) already actively cooperate in the censorship. Others (like booth.pm, DLSite, and MelonBooks) do not...yet. Recent events, however, show that these corporations cannot necessarily be trusted, even if they aren't overtly malicious.

Sony, for example, once published a number of adult-oriented games, but has recently become very unfriendly to Japanese eroge creators. And from February 2021, major credit cards have begun telling Japanese publishing companies that they would not allow works with controversial words in the title. Even companies that don't want to cooperate with censorship may be financially pressured into it.

We cannot afford to wait and hope that our favorite companies won't cave in to the same kind of pressure. In order to preserve the free expression of doujin culture, independent artists and fans need to start building and using infrastructure that does not depend on these for-profit corporations. OnionKet exists to give them that infrastructure.

Is Any Content Allowed in OnionKet?

OnionKet exists to protect artists from censorship and preserve their right to freedom of expression. It does NOT exist to violate the rights of others. OnionKet welcomes any and all forms of artistic expression in any digital medium, no matter how controversial or taboo. But the price of freedom is responsibility. As such, content that is derived from, or leads to, the violation of others' rights is not welcome, and will not be promoted as part of OnionKet. Examples of unwelcome content are...
  • DOXXING: posting private or personally identifiable information about third parties without their consent
  • ABUSE MATERIAL: reproductions of harm to real-world people or animals
  • INCITEMENT: calls for real-world violence or other rights violations
  • MALICIOUS CODE: viruses etc that target visitors to the Hidden Service

OnionKet organizers screen all entries before including them in the catalog, and reserve the right to exclude content that appears to violate the above terms. Where necessary and appropriate, submissions may be forwarded to Law Enforcement for investigation.

Is This Safe?

OnionShare, Session, the Tor Browser, and other apps that allow access to Hidden Services are open source software used by many people. None of the tools used or promoted by OnionKet are inherently dangerous to install or use.

That being said, many governments around the world are becoming more hostile to free-speech enabling software. Out of an abundance of caution, you may want to use a trusted VPN or some other proxy service to download Session, Tor Browser or OnionShare.

The content of individual .onion sites, however, are controlled by the creators of those sites alone. The organizers of OnionKet make every effort to screen all the content in the catalog, but you are responsible for your own safety when browsing the Dark Web. If you are not comfortable with this responsibility, do not participate in OnionKet.

Is This Free?

Yes. OnionShare, Session, and the Tor Browser are free software, and there is no entry fee for either circles or participants. Circles may put a cryptocurrency address on their .onion site, and participants are invited to pay a voluntary donation when they enjoy the content they produce.

Can I Make Money Selling My Content In OnionKet?

Because of the limitations in OnionShare, it would be very difficult to create online storefronts in a simple .onion site. The software is geared towards freely sharing information, not running a business. If you can find a way to create a paid content delivery system within OnionShare, you're welcome to try. But the main focus of this event is to help creators resist censorship, rather than to make a profit.

If you use cryptocurrency, you are welcome to add your wallet address to your .onion site and ask your fans to support your content voluntarily. If you use any other support platforms, feel free to add links to them on your site as well.

When is Onionket?

Onionket 4 will be held at an undecided future date.
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